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Please keep in mind that people can have the same name. The "Complete Sitewide Search" link may give you results of someone with the same name that is not the same person. The product links under each name are those that are available and that I'm at least 95% sure is the myu performer.
A quick note about Idol DVDs - Idol DVDs closest incarnation in the US would probably a DVD of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoots. That being said, idol DVDs are invaluable for fans who wish to learn more about their idols as people rather than as performers. Some DVDs will include scenes such as "A Day in the Life Of" or a cooking segment. I would probably rate most of them around a PG-13. ^^

Adaniya Nagisa [Aaron]
Aizawa Maki [2nd Loof Merrow]
Amano Hironari [4th Tuxedo Kamen]
Asakura Kazuo [3rd Serpen]

Erica [11th Venus]

Gunji Ayano [5th ChibiMoon]

Hara Fumina [2nd Moon]
Hosoda Aya [Astarte]
Hosoki Miwa [1st Pluto]

Imai Chihiro [2nd Saturn]
Izawa Mariya [4th Mercury]

Kanbe Miyuki [3rd Moon]
Katayama Sayuri [1st Star Fighter]
Kawabe Chieko [5th Mercury]
Kawasaki Mao [1st ChibiMoon, 1st ChibiChibi, 1st Black Lady]
Kimura Sanae [1st Uranus]
Kimura Tae [1st FishEye]
Kosaka Akiko [Composer, Arranger, Musical Director]
Kuroki Marina [4th Moon]

Miyagawa Yukiko [2nd Mercury]
Miyakawa Ai [1st ChibiMoon]
Mochizuki Yuuta [1st Kunzite, 2nd Tuxedo Kamen, Endymion, Dracul]
Mori Hiroko [3rd Loof Merrow]
Morino Ayako [1st Mercury]
Murata Ayumi [8th Venus]

Nakae Yukiko [7th Pluto]
Nakamaru Shion [2nd Black Lady]
Nakamura Ruria [7th Saturn]
Nakayama Hiroko [1st Mars]
Nishijima Kurumi [1st PallaPalla]

Oosaki Moe [13th ChibiMoon]
Ooyama Anza [1st Moon]
Ooyama Takayo [8th Neptune]
Otani Miyu [5th Venus]

Saitou Rei [2nd Pluto]
Sakai Hiromi [4th Mars]
Sakamoto Kahoru [1st Neptune]
Sanpei Asami [3rd Saturn]
Sara Saori [1st Galaxia]
Shibuya Momoko [10th Venus]
Shimada Sara [5th Neptune]
Shirota Yuu [7th Tuxedo Kamen]
Suzuki Kasumi [Manna]

Tabe Mikako [2nd Star Healer]
Takabatake Kasumi [7th ChibiMoon]
Takeda Keiko [1st Saturn]

Urai Kenji [6th Tuxedo Kamen]

Wakayama Manami [6th Mercury, Berthier]
Watanabe Mizuki [9th Venus]

Yoshioka Sakoto [1st Kakyuu]