Ochi Chieko

Formerly Known As: Kawabe Chieko (͕Ӑbq)
Alternate Romanizations: Ochi Chieco ("Chieco" is the spelling she uses in her signature)
Nicknames: Chie, Chieco, Mameko, Rakkyo, Becchi, Chie-chan
Date of Birth: 1987.02.24
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Collecting Hello Kitty goods
Special Skill: Strange faces, Dance, Imitations
Agency: Stardust
Favorite Food: Anything sweet, Salad, Demigurasu Sauce Omelettes
Most Admired Person: Grandmother
Favorite Song to Karaoke: "In my room" by Utada Hikaru
Favorite Color: Pink, of course!
Trivia: Chieko played the character of Osaka Naru on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action TV show. She married producer Ochi Masato on 2008.08.08.

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