About eternal.legend

I created eternal.legend many many years ago. I was frustrated by the lack of a resource for myu information online and since I was unable to work at the time, it was a good project to busy my mind with.

Unfortunately, I got burned out on the myu and abandonded the site in 2006. My ex took over hosting, but left it untouched as an archive. Recently, I rediscovered my love of myu and decided to finish the revamp I had begun back in 2006.

The site design is heavily inspired by the Morpheus eXtreme Pink style created by CyberAlien that was used on the forums before they apparently imploded. I borrowed a few of the graphics and tweaked them to suit the idea I had in mind for the overall look of the site. However, the majority of the graphics on the site were handcreated by myself. I do ask that you please do not use them without permission.

My goal now is to have the site as an archive resource of information on the musicals. Although I will be accepting some new content, such as reviews, I don't want the site to fall into obvious decay like it has for the past few years.

In case anyone is wondering, I am not going to put the forums back up. If you are looking for a community to discuss myu in, I recommend the SeraMyu Antics forums.

Thank you for visiting the site and reading this little blurb about it. If you have any questions, please contact me.