Takagi Nao

Nicknames: Nao, Nao-chan, Nao-Ouko ("...") [Nao-Prince - Kanzaki Jun (Kern, Death Pa)'s nickname at the time was "Ouko"], Miss Do ("That reason is ..."), Suekko [youngest child], Naoko, Kaeru Otoko [Male Impersonator, more or less], Naa-tan ("[Oota] Nanami calls me this")
Date of Birth: 1976.07.10
Blood Type: AB
Birthplace: Aichi
Height: 17c cm (5'7")
Three Size: 84-63-88 (33"-25"-35")
Hobbies / Special Skill: Jazz Dance
Certifications: Drivers License, Health & Physical Education License
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Jewel: Ruby
Favorite Color: Blue, Orange
Trivia: Nao is now married and has a son.

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